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DR Longnecks?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by allan grossman, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. Anybody use 'em before?

    I've had a hell of a time intonating the B string on my Lakland - which has an old-style bridge. Lakland changed the bridge on 55-94s about the time my bass was produced. To make a long story short, you either live with a B string that's 15-20 cents sharp at the 12th fret or you use taperwound strings.

    Changing the bridge is not an option. Although the new-style bridge will fit this bass has a serial number under 100 and I'd like to keep it original. Dan doesn't have any NOS bridges - I asked him.

    For the past year (almost) I've used DR Lo-Riders and lived with the error. Official Lakland strings are really GHS Super Steels and although they're not bad, they're not quite what I had in mind.

    So - I got a pair of DR Longnecks in from juststrings and just finished stringing the bass up.

    They did string through the body - but just barely. Intonation is now spot on and they don't sound a whole lot different than the Lo-Riders they replaced. All strings in the set are taperwound except the G string.

    Anyone use 'em before? Anyone got opinions on taperwounds in general or Longnecks in particular?

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