DR Low Riders for my Squire Five String?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Joel Vredenburg, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Considering getting a set of DR Low Riders for my Fender Squire 5 string. I've never used DR's before but I've heard good things. Thoughts and suggestions?
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  2. mwbonsall

    mwbonsall Supporting Member

    Aug 2, 2000
    Casa Grande, Arizona
    I've used them for years, love them, very high quality and very consistent. Give em a try and see if you like them, everyone has a different taste in what they want.

  3. Joel,
    Welcome to Talkbass. It may help to describe what kind of sound you want so us string-lurkers can give useful advice. I love these strings and live on one of my basses (in the last case - for 3.5 yrs). Good bottom end sound with a crisp upper end. Good for harmonics with a little more tension than most round wounds (it's a hexcore string). Definitely worth a try! Good luck.
  4. lz4005


    Oct 22, 2013
    I absolutely love DR nickel Low Riders on my 4 strings, but I've had problems in the past with their B's breaking at the bridge saddle when I try to set the witness point.
    Other people use them just fine, though.
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  5. bwildt


    Mar 21, 2017
    Wichita, Kansas
    I'm generally a flats kind of guy (TI & Chromes), but I have a 3 basses that wear rounds (G&L L2500, EBMM American SUB 5, Peavey T-40). They all wear low-rider stainless. I don't slap. I want a string that is not zingy but has a good low-mid response. I like the low-riders because they are beefier in the lower mids than other DR strings like hi-beams and sunbeams. I go with stainless because they have a fairly long life and still sound good as they get older.
  6. Thanks for the advice.
  7. It will be a good fit. They sounded great on my P Bass. You will enjoy their time and longevity.
  8. Have my 1st set on my yamaha 6 string.I'm impressed a month of daily use into using them. They've lost a bit of brightness but still have great growl and thump and they feel very good. My only complaint is my fingers get black from the nickle. I'm going to try a coated DR next.
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  9. mmbongo

    mmbongo Regular Human Bartender Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Only an issue with the B string, and no issue at all if you string through body.
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