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DR Nickel Lo Riders vs. Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Ryan Mohr, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Ryan Mohr

    Ryan Mohr

    Oct 23, 2007
    I just broke the g string of my DR SS LO-Riders, I don't know why it happened but it snapped at the bridge. Anyways, I was looking for a warmer string so it's not a big problem. I also like high tension strings so there isn't any string noise. Which would be better for this (I don't want to break a string again)?
  2. naughtry


    Jan 31, 2004
    NYC / D.C.
    its been awhile since i used lo-riders but i know eb slinkys have a noticeable higher tension feel and a flatter frequency response and more balanced mids. lo-riders are perhaps a little mid scopped and darker sounding if i remember right. ps i used to use lo-rider nickels a lot and those were warmer sounding but i stopped using them because they also sounded dull to me and lacked sweetness i guess you could say.

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