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DR Strings!!!!

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by PICK, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. PICK


    Jan 27, 2002
    Sydney, Australia
    I play metal and was wondering if Hi-Beams or Lo-Riders would be better suited for me!! Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. rsautrey

    rsautrey Banned

    Jul 27, 2000
    Both of those are really great strings but if you play metal (especially with a pick) I would prefer Lo-Rider stainless steel. These have more tension than the Hi-Beams and a HUGE low end. Plus they are bright when you need them to be. The Hi-Beams are extremely bright sounding almost to the point of making the Lows sound thin (some might say clearer). The feel of Hi-Beams is much looser also. DR strings are awesome as is there customer service. Hope this helps.
  3. I just put on my first set of "Fat Beams" and they are wonderful IMO. I play Funk/Soul/R&B though so you may not like them as much as I do. They seem to have a good mix of Lo-Rider and Hi-Beam characteristics.
  4. I use strainless Lo-Riders exclusively now - I just put a set on my Cirrus 6 a few minutes ago. I'd been holding off because I was worried it'd really goober up the tone on the bass - but you know what?

    It sounds like a Cirrus with Lo-Riders on it :D


  5. Brad Barker

    Brad Barker

    Apr 13, 2001
    berkeley, ca
    Spector+DR High Beams=tone of the metal gods
  6. CrawlingEye

    CrawlingEye Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    A Spector with Lo-Riders or Fat-beams?

    That'd be heavy, and it'd be a very aggressive tone. :)
  7. Love em
  8. lpbassics

    lpbassics Guest

    Jan 26, 2002

    since you've narrowed it down to only 2 strings, just try both... then you, the one who plays them, can decide!:)

  9. PICK


    Jan 27, 2002
    Sydney, Australia
    Wish i could find a shop that stocks them!!
    They are probably bout $60 a set here so ill have to wait!!

    Thanks for the tip anyway!!!

  10. You might want to ask if JustStrings.com will ship to down under. Their prices are very good.
  11. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL

    I prefer the Hi Beams, but just a touch, over the Lo Riders on my Spector. The Hi Beams have certain bite to the sound that sends shivers up my spine when the strings "kiss" the fretboard!:D

    But, when the Hi Beams have been worn for several hours, they take on a really fat, muscular sound where the harmonics are crystal clear, but the fundamental is well preserved.

    BTW: I'm not much of a metal player...but that may work really well...depends on the tone you're after. I'd try 'em both. Neither will make you unhappy;)
  12. CrawlingEye

    CrawlingEye Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    I'm more of a hi-beam guy myself, but you usually want to be able to blow a shot-gun shot to people's chest in metal, with your low e. (for most metal applications)

    I've been in metal bands before, I've found that tons of lows work very well with metal. :)

    Of course you want bite to cut through, though, but which DR string doesn't have it's own amount of bite? :)
  13. odie

    odie Supporting Member

    How do Sun-beams fit into this?
  14. CrawlingEye

    CrawlingEye Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    They're probably the most mellow of the DR strings. :)
  15. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Sunbeams are made of nickle, the same as some of the Lo Riders. The nickle Lo-Riders are not as bright, but because they have a hex-core, are not as soft feeling as the Hi Beams, which some people prefer.

    Sun Beams are a kind of hybrid...they have a round core like the Hi Beams, so they're more flexible and soft, but have a nickle wrap, like the nickle Lo Riders, so they're not as bright sounding as Stainless Steel strings.

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