DR vs. Solstice

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  1. I'm undecided between these. 2.
    I playl upright and electric but mostly upght and I like to blend a Gage Realist with an. AMT clamp on. Suggestios, experience?
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    Jan 29, 2008
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    I haven't had my second coffee yet so maybe I'm confused...but I don't know what you're referring to when you say DR.

    I have a solstice. I've used it for everything, and I'm thinking about trying it again for bass. Recently I purchased a new bass and pickup setup, so I am going back through my stack of gear to see how it responds to the new setup.

    The solstice is a great piece of equipment to have overall. It's like a swiss army knife. There are many things it does a good job with. I use mine as a condenser mic preamp on stage when we run a couple of mics for live sound. I've also used it for a mandolin & violin preamps as well as recording.

    My initial impression for bass it that it was so-so, but the bass I was using it for wasn't very good. It would by ideal as a blender because it has every feature you would ever need to run a two channel setup. It's worth noting that both channels have identical features, which some dual pre's don't always have. With phantom power and a -20db switchable pad on the inputs, it handles condensers very well.