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    Jul 25, 2001
    Indianapolis, IN
    when i first started playing guitar i used to go to the guitar store after lessons and look at all the too expensive basses and guitars on the walls. I dreamt of the day that i could have a great tone and my dream guitar and bass. 10 years later i finally have it. I got my last piece of the puzzle last week. I have my Stingray going into a ampeg b4r and a 6x10 hlf. Ive always dreamt of that stingray going into an all ampeg setup. How many of you have your dream rig. It seems like for bassists its a lifelong goal to get the "perfect" sound. For me ive finally found it, how many of you feel like youve found your sound?
  2. I'll play!

    My "Money No Object" rig (will have most of it soon)...

    Benavente 51 through:

    Avalon U5
    Crest LT2000
    Bergantino NV610
    and if it's half what I assume it to sound like
    a Bergantino NV215!

    (though a Crest LT1000 and one of the Berg cabs is how I'll end up going)

    I'd had my Dream rig in the 90's.
    Tight, Punchy, clear, defined, in your face...

    Carvin LB75 through:

    AMP BH-260
    Bag End S12
    Bag End S15

    Truthfully, My current Rigs (Sunn Sceptre into 2x12 + 2x8 or Ashdown Mag 200 1x12 combo) kind of satisfy... I've just been corrupted by the TB "you need a gazzillion watts for bass" crew :bassist: (thanks guys... headroom IS :cool: )
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