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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sratas, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. sratas


    Dec 15, 2007
    Parma, Italy
    it has been two years now that I find myself dreaming, in continuous fashion, on a G&L JB, not the more common JB2. Yes, it's a traditional jazz bass, my obsession has not real rational reason to exist.
    If I were in the USA, I would have done the step without thinking one second. But, unfortunately, I live in Europe and here the G&L JB are rarely available (think 1 bass in all Europe, none of them in Italy). More, the price of an imported G&L JB is doubled compared to the price in the USA, let's say 2,5-3 grand (euros), without fancy options, and, most important, without a legit warranty...yes, the only way is purchasing the bass in UK and, for what I know, there is not an international warranty...please correct me if I'm wrong.
    out of reason price, no solid warranty (the italian importer chose not to import the JB model), difficulties in purchasing. All signs that should drive me away from the deal, but I'm simply obsessed.
    In the last 2 years I tried some Fender and I plan to try ASAP the Lulls, but every time i see a G&L JB something shakes my heart. I don't know if a G&L is the bass for me, but I know that every other jazz I tried in the past failed to have that jazz bass tone I'm craving. That tone is the one I heard in the Friedman's test on youtube when demoing the G&L JB Rustic. Listen for yourself with good reference headphones...
    So, I don't know if I will do the move, but I'm asking real G&L JB users, that I think are a minority even in the USA, to tell me what they think about them, in all honesty.
    Every suggestion or opinion will be greatly appreciated and I thank everyone who wants to share their knowledge and experience...
  2. madbassplaya


    Dec 28, 2007
    I've owned two and played another. It is by far the best production Jazz that I've ever laid my hands on and rivals boutique builds as well. I loved everything about that bass except it wasn't a 5 string.
  3. If a passive Jazz bass is your thing, then this is perhaps the Holy Grail. I am surprised that there is not a Tribute version in existence.

    As one who needs high E, and appreciates bilateral symmetry on the bottom of the body (for ease of stand usage), I am a JB-2 enthusiast, owning both a Tribute, and a USA.
  4. sratas


    Dec 15, 2007
    Parma, Italy
    thanks for the apport. I'm quite sure about the overall quality of the bass. Maybe you could explain better how you feel the JB different form other brands, soundwise, using your own words. I'm asking a stupid thing, I know, as a passionate about recording I know that talking about tone is useless, but I need a good amount of courage to "pull tne trigger" because I absolutely do not have any possibility to try the bass. But...maybe, I can test a JB2 that is for sale in a shop not too far from my home.
    How do the JB compare to the JB2 tonewise? How do they compare to fenders and Lulls?
    What takes them apart from the crowd in your opinion?
  5. OK, mad, you have played both, and would be in the best position to respond.
  6. SJan3


    Dec 8, 2010
    I think you would have a hard time telling a G&L JB from a good Jazz Bass tonally. The differences are more in playability and balance. I found the G&L to balance better. Of course the bridges are different but not necessarily one better than the other. Biggest difference is neck profile depending on what option you choose. JBs offer 12" and 7.25". Fender 9.5 or 7.25 depending upon the model. You may prefer one profile over the other. That would determine my choice as they sound very similar. FWIW, I still have an American Fender with 9.5" radius. Its a good fit for me.
  7. Chef

    Chef Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    May 23, 2004
    Columbia MO
    Staff Reviewer; Bass Gear Magazine
    buy from a US dealer, and have it shipped to you.
  8. sratas


    Dec 15, 2007
    Parma, Italy
    it's the simplest way, Chef, you are right, and I thought this many many times. But the final cost will be almost the same as if purchasing from an european importer. For example: 1400 euros (bass) + 400-500-.... euros (douane fees, the repeated points means that nobody knows exactly the amount of the douane charges, not before the bass enters Italy) + 550 (shipment using specialized courier, the only viable way for a safe delivery from US to Italy, tried USPS one time, never received gear) = 2500 + final cost. Maybe a little less than the 2700-3100 euros proposed by Bassdirect.co.uk, but the bass purchased in the USA will not have any valid warranty in my country, I know that there are very few things that could go wrong with a G&L USA, but 2-3 K is a big investment for me.

    I do not understand why G&L does not sell directly to customers, like other brands. selling exclusively trough retailers extends the chain before the bass gets in the hands of the final owner and increases final costs...

    Another thing that I find curious is that there is no way to communicate with G&L using internet, mails and so on...only phone. A plus for an american or someone who is able to speak in a fluent english, not so much for "strangers". My english is scarse, at least, and I feel more confident to write, it leaves me more time to think. It's like G&L is rather un-interested in extending their market beyond USA boundaries.
    But maybe this is part of the brand appeal.

  9. sratas


    Dec 15, 2007
    Parma, Italy
    excuse me for the stupid question, how do you tell the differencies between tribute and USA?

  10. I know what you're saying about the JB; out of all the basses Ed Friedland has reviewed it is the one with the tone that knocked me out. I own a tribute JB2 which is a pretty awesome bass but 1 day I wish to own a us-made JB. Why not buy from the TB classifieds? The seller might be willing to ship there.
  11. sratas


    Dec 15, 2007
    Parma, Italy
    yeah Sibo, good advice...but, please, read the following lines...
    Finally "pulled the trigger" on a G&L JB special edition 2012!
    A german super dealer, Thomann, surprised me with a deal that I could not refuse!
    This was a great day for me, till now no european dealer seemed interested in ordering a Jb for me.
    I was almost in the feeling that I had to insist for paying the exaggerated cost.
    But, finally, if things go the right way, I will receive a wonderful JB in my desired finish (I love to feel the wood grain on my basses) for a price of 1000 euros less than the previous offers...
    It's a so good deal that, sometimes, I'm afraid that something goes wrong, not referring here to the realiable Thomann, a great company, but in general.
    Hope I have some luck...the order and shipment will take al least one month, but it's possible that I will have to wait till december...who cares?
    I've waited for this bass for over 1 year...:bassist:

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