Drop D with Flatwounds?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Mike N, Jul 31, 2001.

  1. Mike N

    Mike N Missing the old TB Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2001
    Spencerport, New York
    Looking to try a set of flats on my MIM J.Wondering how well flats work in drop d tuning.I dont always tune like this,but 4 or 5 songs in our set require it.We play modern stuff like Creed,3 Doors down etc.....

    Before anyone recommends I get a five string,Ive already got one(MIA J),but Ive got fairly small hands and dont have a real easy time with it.
  2. Well, I have a set of Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flats on my bass, and all of our songs are in drop-D. We play Tool-ish type stuff, and I like the sound of the flatwounds. Of course, the only way to know for sure if you'll like it is to try it, but for me, they work great.
  3. Ari Schor

    Ari Schor

    Mar 3, 2000
    Well, i use GHS flats, which are tight and punchy...they work great for Drop D, especially when we play "Moby Dick" by Zeppelin...