SOLD $ Drop = Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray w/ Hardcase

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    This is a very nice Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray bass. Believed to be from about September 2006, but haven't confirmed that 100% with EB.

    Includes factory molded hardshell case.

    The bass plays great with low, fast action up and down the neck. The knobs are master volume and a three-band active EQ controlling the massive active humbucker.

    This Stingray tips the scales at 9.5 pounds, but you'd never guess. It balances as perfectly as a bass possibly can. I would've guessed it weighed 8 pounds when I first picked it up.

    Overall the bass is in very good condition with the usual minor scuffs and scratches expected in a used instrument. There is one chip in the finish and the battery box lid is cracked. The finish chip isn't very noticeable and the battery is very secure in the battery box. The headstock area has a few scuffs. It's not in mint condition, but it still looks great.

    The case has the Music Man logo imprinted in it, and is also in good condition aside from a few stickers.

    With some tweaks to the active EQ you can get tons of different sounds out of this bass. The frets are nearly perfect and are freshly polished, the strings are Ernie Balls (of course) and have plenty of life left in them.

    I am looking to get $900 shipped for it.

    MMbass 038.JPG MMbass 003.JPG MMbass 011.JPG MMbass 018.JPG MMbass 027.JPG MMbass 028.JPG MMbass 031.JPG MMbass 023.JPG MMbass 022.JPG MMbass 020.JPG
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