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  1. In the band that I play in we use the tunning CGCF, drop C.
    And I tune my 5 String to GCGCF. It pretty low. Its fine that way but I want to tune up. What would be a good tunning to tune to so I can compliment the CGCF guitar tunning.
  2. You've gotta be a mudvayne fan. I also tune down weird but i tune down on my 6 GCGCGC and it's hard to find a tuning that really goes with it, me and my friend just keep his guitar at standard tuning while my is dropped low. We also have a 7 string guitar dropped to ADGCFAD so we get lots of lows plus a good high sound to. It's fun to experiment with.
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    Jun 18, 2000
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    I tune either my whole bass down half a step, regular, or when I'm feeling moving the floor, BEBE (which, I think is also something like C#FGA...or something like that. It's E and A down three bs, and D and G 2 bs whatever that is...)