Dropkick Murphys - Blackout

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  1. I bought the new DKM cd two days ago, and all I have to say is....wow.

    By far this is probably the best album to come out this year. Theres only one or two songs I don't like, and even then they kinda grow on you. It's one of those cds you gotta listen to a few times before you get the full effect of it, imo. I really like the bass player's lead vocals, much better than the guy who just sings (i forget their names :oops:). Some tracks just rock ("gonna be a blackout tonight"), some have a sing-a-long anthem to it ("walk away") and then there's the slow, thoughtful songs ("world full of hate")

    Standout (to me) tracks: "Walk Away" "Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight" "World Full Of Hate" "As One"

    The only song on the cd I can say I absolutely do not like is "The Dirty Glass"

    jr's rating: 9/10

    Oh, and the album comes with a free DVD with the music video for "Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight," two live songs ("Rocky Road To Dublin" and "Boys On The Docks") and a trailer for the new full length DVD coming out next year.

    EDIT: I decided I liked a song I originally said I didn't :D
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    A friend of mine said this was really good. I have never really liked thier studio stuff, but the live album is amazing...I may check this one out, cause I've heard from several people it's got a different feel than thier other albums.