DR's, string core type and string tension...

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  1. chrisp2u


    Aug 15, 2005
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    Just curious... I did a search and couldn't find any discussion of this, so sorry if it's been covered before...

    Is there a difference in string tesion based upon the type of core the string is wound (ie. round-core vs. hex-core)? It would seem to me (logically at least) that since hex-cores are stiffer, that they should require less tension. Is this correct?

    Also, I've been using DR Lo-Riders on my 55-02 and have to say that I love them so far, but they are a tad bit stiff for my taste. Do the Hi-Beams sound pretty much the same? How much more flexible are they? I've previously had GHS Boomers, EB Super Slinky 5's on there for comparison.

  2. I really can't help you with the technical aspect of your question, but as far as the diferrences between lo-riders and hi-beams?

    well, lo-riders have a more classic bass sound, a tad more bass and low mids (at least to my ear) and average treble. great sounding strings.
    lo-riders=semi-oldschool tone

    the hi-beams, however, are SUUUUUUPER treble-y. if you are into fingernoise, string-hitting-fret-noise, not to mention incredibly articulate, clear, and resonant singing highs, then these may just be the strings for you.
    hi-beams=modern tone, slap/tap happy highs.