Drum Machine For Sale

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  1. I have a Roland R-5 Human Rythmn Composer for sale. I'm asking $100 for it. It comes with a manuel and power chord.
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  4. jim primate

    jim primate bass guitarist.

    does the $100 include s&h? and is this thing easy to use and program?
  5. It does not include s&h. Shouldn't be more than $10. I found it to be pretty easy to use. Of course it can get complicated if you really start tapping into the machines full potential. It's capable of much more than I ever used it for. The manual is really good so you shouldn't have any problems picking it up.

    You can got to my web page and listen to the tune called "Jaguar". I created the drum track with this machine. The recording stinks but you'll get the idea.

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