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  1. I have a Roland R-5 drum machine for sale. I'm asking $200. Here is a pic:
  2. kaboom133


    Oct 19, 2001
    Latrobe PA
    please exuse my ignorence, but what is this? can it be amplified? what all does it do? thanks, sorry for the anoying questions, but this might be just what i was looking for.
  3. It's a drum machine. It allows you to create drum loops. It has a large number of drum sounds.

    You can go to my web page and listen to a sample I recorded.


    Click on the Mp3 called P-bass.

    It can also be amplified. Just run a cord between a the drum machines output jack and an amp. Great for practice.

    It has more features than I am aware of but I have the manual for it.

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