Drummer is IMPOSSIBLE to find

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  1. I have my guitarist and I in my band atm, yet we absolutely cannot find a drumme nor a singer for the life of us. We play crossover (thrash/punk) and can find not one person who does either. How can I find a drummer + singer? We've tried signs, craigslist, everything we can think of. We have got a couple but either they had no gear or were like 30 years old (my guitarist and I are 17). All in all is there anything else I can do to find some more band mates? :bawl::crying::help:
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    Poach players from other bands. Might be hard being 17, but see if you can find other young bands with other young players.
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    Search across town at your rival High School. They've gotta have a drummer or two.

    Go see as many local bands as possible and put the word out for leads to other drummers or as Diabolus said above poach one from another band.

    There should be lots of drummers your age in OC.
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    You can't find a punk drummer in California? :)

    Seriously though, I saw some pretty interesting punk bands that used drum machines back in the 90s, some were awful, some made it work. None of them big time though, but, hey, you gotta start somewhere.
  5. Fact of the music industry: Good drummers have their pick of bands, and will go with whichever band gets the best gigs and/or is the best "hang."

    Post an ad that says "drummer needed to sub for a gig on the 1st, pay is $100" and watch how many responses you get. ;)

    The hardest option of all, will be getting a drummer to join a "band" that is actually just a guitarist and bass player, with no singer or gigs. :(

    My advice would be, join an established band that already has a good drummer (and then jam with your guitar-friend as a side project). Bass players are in big demand, too, when I was 17, I was juggling 3 or 4 projects at a time. :)
  6. Why not play with the older thrash punks until you find younger band mates?
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    Rival High School? Lol, I thought that only exists in Anime...

    Re drums, if it's impossible to find a drummer, the guitarist has to swallow the bitter pill - let him be king of the sticks, and get another dime a dozen guitarist. :ninja:

    That's what I do at least. Can't find an appropriate musician? Learn another instrument.
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    Good Singers & Drummers can choose their projects, and are unlikely to ditch their own taste / vision to submit to that of a guitarist and bassist.
    If you want a good drummer and a good singer, you'll have better success to find them and join their band.
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    This is a good point and may be a great learning experience for you young bucks. It sucks being seventeen to find people your age but if the older people are willing to play try it til you find younger people.

    When I was your age I played with older people and I learned so much from the veterans. A lot of people are just starting out at your age. Also you may find you prefer to play with the veterans.
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    Yeah... Intercity sports and all that. Our school football team against the cross town school's football team = Rivals
    Isn't it the same in Hamburg?
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    Not only do good drummers have their pick of bands, but it also takes much less work for them to learn books than it does for the rest of us. So, around here, most of the good drummers only freelance.

    Or explode.
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    I find it similar here in NJ to find guys in their 30-40's to play thrash. haha! IMO my prob has to do with guys just getting out of it, starting families, working too much, being pussywhipped LOL. etc...

    younger guys on the other hand i blame on the music and radio industry pussifing kids by pushing pop bands or (ugh)RAP which requires little to no musical instrument skill (or taste). there are just far fewer serious young players/musicians now than in the 80's-90's
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    I'm not aware of any college or uni sports matches that could be described in the same terms as American college football. I'm not even aware if we actually have active teams in any, lol. Not in high school, at least - around here, sports is almost exclusively organized on a communal level, with rivalries between different regions.
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    Stuff like this makes me laugh (being over 50 and all):rolleyes::D

    When I was 18 I got in a band with a bunch of guys who were 25 and up. Learned a lot from those "old" guys.
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    Rent the movie "Friday Night Lights" to see how High School Football is in the USA (well in the state of Texas anyway). That movie was popular enough it turned into a TV series. Even here in Omaha, Nebraska the local TV stations all have a sports segment during the news dedicated to local high school football games. High school basketball, volleyball, and soccer are big too.
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    I think a lot of people in today's society need to focus on what they have to offer moreso than what they WANT. This is no more readily apparent than in the many bad CL ads. Many of them have a laundry list of demands, with NOTHING OFFERED in return.

    IN your case, no offense but you have little to offer, your are obviously a start-up that doesn't have a full line-up, and therefore no gig potential.
    I agree with the other posters, IF you have the chops try to find a band that needs you, even if you have to do a related style that is not your favorite.
  17. Talk one of your friends into learning how to play drums. That's basically how I became a bass player.
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    May 23, 2010
    One of you should take vocal lessons. An awful lot of thrash bands have a singer who doubles on guitar or bass. It's not like you have to be the best singer around...Dave Mustaine gets by. :p
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