Drummer joke!

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  1. After 25 years together with the same guys the leader of an Ellington-style big band decides that Phil, the drummer and one of his oldest friends, has to go; the guy drags, is constantly starting songs too slow and ending them even slower, comes in late and misses cues... he's basically a mess.

    So, the chat is had, at which the poor distraught drummer begs for another chance, promising to pick up the tempo, put more energy into his playing... well, OK, then.

    Another few weeks pass by but the problems remain; constantly slowing down, dragging the band and the music, always missing cues and coming in after the rest of the band and, at one gig, even showing up late.

    Another chat is had; Phil, I gotta let you go.

    Completely shattered, Phil wanders out and throws himself behind a train.
  2. pocketgroove


    Jun 28, 2010
    It took me a second (maybe I'm meant to be a drummer), but lol!

    Do you think there's some place out there in the universe where drummers get together and talk crap about bassists?
  3. Probably, but only drummers would understand how to interpret the saliva dripping from their mouth. :bag:
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    Saliva-reading is a fine art, not to be mocked.
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    No, we're not like that...

  6. ....I don´t get it!
  7. That was funny...for the first time in his life he should be glad he was missed the beat
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    This along with your sig made me chuckle too! :D
  9. ;)
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    Sep 29, 2012
    its called AA
  11. Haha, it's good.
    As a drummer, I'd say that the main target of our rants are singers (and their massive ego's) and guitarists, but not bassists.