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  1. A number of threads on here have not been too kind to our percussionist cousins: I've seconded some of those sentiments as well.

    Now, our drummer has had to pull out of a gig this Sunday so the guitarist's asked his nephew to stand in.

    This kid's really good. He's just 17 (we're all close to 50 :eek: ) but he sure knows how to play. Steady beat? No sweat. Fancy solo? Yup. Playing songs he's too young to have heard more than once on the radio? A doddle.

    With all the other 'little problems' our regular drummer causes, I've got a sneaker he's soon to be our ex-drummer....but that's another story.

    So, to all the kids out there who know how it done, more power to your hi-hat....... Don't discount the older guy's cos they don't know their Indie from their Garage:eek: