Dry DI track + Amp sim track: Does phase matter?

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    I don't have a lot of recording/mixing experience but I'm working on it as a hobby. I recorded a bass track for a Pearl Jam cover that my guitarist friend started, and I just went direct to the interface (monitoring with headphones) since I do most of my playing at night after the wife and kid are asleep. In a perfect world, I'd like to have a DI track and a mic'd amp track, which I understand can create some phase cancellation that would need to be addressed when mixing.

    My adaptation was going to be to copy the DI track, and run the 2nd one through an Amp Sim VST to mimic that more traditional approach above. Since the 2nd track would really still be from the DI source, does this mean I won't have to worry about phase issues?
  2. It could still matter because EQ causes phase shifts around the frequency center. Just flip the polarity of one track and listen for the change in low frequency content.
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