SOLD DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Bass Station (cab sim / direct box / headphone amp)

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    very cool cab sim / direct box / headphone amp with a baxandall tone stack and gain control. Extremely useful "mic placement" control on the cab sim and a ton of routing options. You can use it at the end of your pedalboard as a headphone amp while also keeping it routed and plugged in to your amp, allows you to run separate signal chains alone or simultaneously to headphones, amp and FoH or recording rig. Total swiss army knife very versatile. Was curious to check it out but don't really need it atm. Retails bet $300-320. Absolutely mint with packaging and all that came with it.

    price includes USPS CONUS Priority shipping / tracking
    no trades, no international shipping
    Payment via PayPal: edbocchino (AT) gmail (DOT) com or Venmo: @edbocchino

    Presenting the new DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Bass Station, everything you ever needed to go direct to the FOH or recording amazing bass tones.

    It includes a Bass Preamp with gain, level, and a 3 band EQ with semi-parametric mid control. A parallel signal routing with a selectable LPF, dual FX loop (for preamp and parallel signal), and an amazing analog cabinet simulation, based on the acclaimed Omnicabsim ® by DSM Noisemaker.

    The preamp stage is based on the Ampeg SVT ®. This amp stands out for it’s personality, versatility and articulation. Including its flexible EQ with +- 15dB per band, and the switchable midrange from 400-900-1500Hz. Across most of the gain settings, the amp is tight and clear. But with higher gains, it will grunt and growl like a real Ampeg SVT does.

    The SIMPLIFIER BASS STATION separates the signal at the input for a parallel line, bypassing the preamp, and including a switchable low pass filter (100Hz, Off, 500Hz). The effect of blending this clean signal with the preamp tone let’s you overdrive the preamp while retaining a huge low end response and natural dynamics.

    The Cabinet simulation was carefully designed to get the most distinctive cabinet tones. A Closed Back 8x10, with its tight and punchy lows. A vented 1x15 for warm creamy mids and thick lows, and a vented 4x10 for more open, wider range response. The Speaker color switch, Warm, Bright and Modern, simulates the different materials and geometry of bass speakers, which affects the dynamics and midrange response. And with the Resonance and Mic position controls, you can adjust the exact amount of high end brightness and the cabinet low end resonance you want.

    The SIMPLIFIER BASS STATION is the first to include TWO effect loops, so you can use different effects on the main (preamp) and on the parallel signal chain. The sky is the limit here. Try a compressor for the parallel signal, and a chorus on the preamp; or a delay that only repeats the bottom end, or even a volume pedal to control the parallel blend in real time. Use your imagination to get bass tones never heard before!

    Current consumption: 50mA to 100mA (if Headphone out is used)
    Supply voltage: 9V - 12V
    Polarity: Center negative
    Input impedance: 1 Meg Ohm
    TRS output impedance: 100 Ohm
    DI Output impedance: 120 Ohm
    Send output impedance 100 Ohm
    Return Input Impedance: 1 Meg ohm
    Headphone Power : 120mW @ 32 Ohm

    Width : 115 mm (4.53 in)
    Height: 65 mm (2.55 in)
    Depth: 55 mm (2.16 in)
    Weight: 430 g (0.94 lb)
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