DTR-1000 and SVT5PRO head

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  1. What exactly would I need to get in order to get this going? And how exactly do I set this up? Is it possible to input to the SVT, tuner out to the DTR? I'm trying to avoid as big of a mess of cables as possible. Just curious, as I've never had an experience with a rack mount tuner and I just ordered one.
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    Dec 9, 2003
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    If the SVT has a tuner out then it will still send the signal through there when the amp is muted by the footswitch. Therefore you just run a cable from the tuner out into one of the rear inputs of your tuner and you're good to go.

    Nice setup btw ;)

  3. Thanks, thats just the answer I was looking for.

    And btw thanks on that other comment, I quite enjoy it ;)