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Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Drop1, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    I'm still on the hunt for electronics
    Bartolini recommended using 2 bridge soapbars if I added their buffer. What benefit it negatives would this have?
  2. Killed_by_Death

    Killed_by_Death Snaggletooth Inactive

    Seems like a bad idea, a bridge pickup should have about 25% more output than the neck pickup, so that they're balanced.
    The excursion of the string is less near the bridge, so it needs a pickup with more output to compensate.
  3. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    That's what has me asking. Bartolini recommended this as their idea of sonic perfection in an email when using their pre and buffer. They know a hell of a lot more than I ever will about this and it has me curious.
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  4. ctmullins

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    Apr 18, 2008
    MS Gulf Coast
    I'm highly opinionated and extremely self-assured
    It’s not that cut-and-dried. Which pickups exactly? And how far from the bridge will they be mounted exactly? And what tonal goal(s) are you trying to meet?

    There’s no technical reason not to use two bridge pickups, or two neck pickups, or a neck at the bridge with a bridge at the neck, if it makes the sounds you want to make. It’s just variations on the magnet-and-wire theme.
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  5. two fingers

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    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    Yeah we need a little more context.
  6. NG51

    NG51 Supporting Member

    Aug 19, 2010
    Is this what you mean? IMG_20190423_200145_HDR.jpg
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  7. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    Standard Ibanez soap bar layout.

    What I want is growl purr snarl depending on eq and how much I dig in. I want highs that arent harsh but I'm not exactly looking for smooth either. Most of all I want a defined bottom. Good bass but more synth sounding. Almost like a flitered saw or square wave. I've heard this sound from many basses. They seem to have plenty of bass but it's not blurry. You can hear the detail in the strings vibrating without it all blurring together.

    What I have now is stock sr 800 . To me its electronics are pretty bad. Very blurry or thin and harsh. There seems to be no middle ground. The base uses mahogany and good neck woods. That's why I bought it. The body and neck I like, i knew the electronics were lacking and the above description has been my goal from the start.
  8. It's odd that they recommended 2 bridge pickups, usually they recommend 2 neck pickups with a buffered setup as the neck pickup is the more "transparent" wind of the pair (bridge pickups are usually over wound to match output which adds more color to the sound), unless you are specifically wanting a pair of "hotter" pickups. At any rate, the buffer isolates each pickup from each other and evens the volume along the entire spectrum of the blend sweep so there's no need for 1 pickup to be wound hotter than the other one.
  9. Killed_by_Death

    Killed_by_Death Snaggletooth Inactive

    Given Bartolini's response, I think I'd look elsewhere. Aren't you already disappointed with the Bartolini's in your current bass?

    Check some of these out:

  10. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    It may have been neck pickups. I may have misremembered. I
  11. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    I've been researching across many brands of pickups .The Ibanez pre I know sounds bad. Also the individual pickups are pretty much unusable to me soloed.

    I'm just at a loss as to where to start. I have a feeling I'm going to have to go through 2 or 3 pairs of pups before it's done. Should be fun though. Just wish I had an idea of what i should be looking at. I cant play any of them. No where to do so unless I come across a nice bass in the studio but they are almost always p basses and the random jazz.
  12. sikamikanico


    Mar 17, 2004
    Which basses exactly? What pickups and electronics were in those basses? Any clips/recordings you could share? That would help us get more concrete...

    Frankly, your description somewhat confuses me, especially the synth sounds. Perhaps get a nice set of passive pickups and add a filter preamp like ACG?
  13. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019

    What I'm after is similar to the Ibanez sr in this video. It's got a full but defined low mid range. My Ibanez sounds more like the fender even though it shares wood type and body style of the Ibby. Makes no sense to me. To get my bass that fat sounding does nothing but make the sound a blurry mess. Theres no detail.
    Also most Warwick's have that detailed low mid and bass. It's hard to find videos because I've been through hundreds. I also have no idea of the processing used in the clips.
    If I could pin point a bass or electronics things would be simple. It doesnt seem to be any certain brand. I've come across fenders of different varieties. Some sound great, others dont. Seems to be a bass by bass deal. I thought it may be my playing but the 2 schecter I owned about a month ago where ok and several basses I've played in guitar center played fine. I've been looking for common compomets. Cant find a single things that's in common across the instruments I find pleasing
    Whatever it is I love it. The definition of the lows, the clear, pronounced mids but no harshness.my bass is not horrible with ideal settings but that's all I get. 1 setting. Both pups have to be set to full, soloing either pup is unusable, I dont dare turn the bass up at all, it just get blurry and boomy, mids down or up a touch depending on the song and backing off the highs about 1/4. I dont dare boost highs either. They are so shrill and brittle it hurts your ears.
  14. Does your Ibanez have the typical Mk1's? If so, adding an 18v Bartolini NTMB+FL preamp would be a good start.
  15. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    Yes mk1 with ibanez pre. I have cash to do pre and pups simultaneously. I even considered grabbing some bart and Nord pups at the same time so I can see which direction I should be heading. My idea is to get pups on opposite ends of the spectrum and see which type wakes the bass up the most.
  16. Well the Mk1 pickups are actually a bright wind reverse p design not all that different Mike Tobias' MTD pickups. Pairing them with an 18v NTMB+FL pre would also give you the same frequency centers as the pre Mike uses. Basically a "po' man's" MTD electronics package lol
  17. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    I spent a lot of time playing with tone today. Its top end is pretty harsh. Too bright and theres some real trash in the 200 to 300 hz region. It has this aggressive snarly boxy sound all the time. Cutting it causes too lose too much power.
  18. That's the stock pre, it's trash lol
  19. Drop1


    Mar 28, 2019
    That's exactly what im hoping for. I bought this bass because it has a mahogany body and jatoba/babinga neck and I like the aesthetics and love Ibanez neck profile.It sounds great played acoustically. I'm just having issues choosing a pre lol.
  20. Well, like a said, pairing the Mk1 pickups to an 18v NTMB+FL pre is similar to an MTD setup. Or you could try a TCT which is known for being a more bass heavy pre.
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