Dude, I'm Really Pissed

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  1. I went to guitar center almost a month ago to order a Mesa 400+. So I get there and the guy tells me they don't have any in stock(what a surprise). Anyways he tells me he could order one from another store and it will take a week and half. So I said fine and paid for the amp.

    So to make a long story short it's almost a month later and still no amp, I called him and he told me that Mesa doesn't let the store move merchandice around to other stores(which I think is B.S)so hes gonna order one from the factory. And now I'm starting to get really pissed. Well if is any consolation, I made him loan me an M-Pulse 600 while I wait for my amp. But still I want TUBES damm it!!!:spit:

    Should I just ask for my money back or should I give them another chance. Cause guitar Center is the only Mesa dealer in Miami.

    Thanks for letting me vent.:( :bawl: :mad: :crying:
  2. Deano Destructo

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    This poses a question for me also that you might wanna look into. Does Mesa ever sell direct to customers?:confused: You'll pay the same from them as from any retailer due to their fixed pricing so that does'nt matter much. Anyone know?
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    May 9, 2003
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    no problem man... say give them one more chance, theres nothing like being a raguler customer;)

    but if they screw it up again get you money back and move on

    and if trys to spin it on you, tell him... you said this would be no problem, this looks like a problem to me.
  4. Tomorrow I'm going to go there and see what is up. The sales guy has pretty cool, and I'm not gonna go there and chew him out. I just got mad because I keep on hearing what an aswome amp and I'm starting to get restless. But like I said before, at least I still have the Mesa M-pulse that I made them loan me. It's a really good amp and It really impressed me but not enough to make me take it over the 400+.

    I WANT MY TUBES (lol):bassist:
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    When I was at Sam Ash, we were prohibited to ship Gibsons to one of the California Stores for some strange agreement they had wih Guitar Center so they might not be BSing with that.
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    Lesson learned I hope. I wouldn't have paid for the amp. I would have left a deposit and paid the balance when it arrived.
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    I had a Mesa Walkabout shipped from one GC to another last August without any problem when the Atlanta store didn't have any new ones in stock, so I think the GC guy is full of crap, and I have the receipt, and amp, to prove it.

    My guess--he either forgot to order it, or something happened in their supply chain where it got lost. You could always call Mesa and ask them.
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    I was going to mention that. I remember you posting this before.
  9. thanks for the advice and the info guys. I'm gonna go over there in a few minutes, since I have to buy some new cables. I'll let you guys know what happened.

    And by the way I have been a regular customer for a while. Since this and a new Sam Ash are the only music stores in Miami. And I bought an Ampeg cab from the same guy a couple months ago.