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Duff from Guns n Roses

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by aaronstar, May 12, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know what his setup/gear was on Appetite for Destruction? I love the way his bass sounds on that record, and I'd like to duplicate it. Any info would be helpful, thanks
  2. Fender Jazz Special (the one with PJ p/ups that looks like a Precision with no scratchplate)

    he said in an interview in Bass player that his first Jazz special had a shaved neck- and he had the Fender Custom Shop copy it for a backup- the all-black one.

    Rotosound Swing Bass strings

    Boss chorus pedal

    a pick:p

    amps- maybe Gallien-Krueger- he endorsed them.
  3. Thanks, that was helpful. Any idea of how he liked to set the knobs on his amp, EQ, etc?
  4. in an interview in 93 in UK's Guitarist magazine, he said he uses a combination of DI'd and a miked amp- "EQ the live bright, then EQ the DI to a more middley sound".

    I'd say there's a boost at around 2.5K, maybe with some low mids scooped out at around 350Hz.
  5. kinda off topic a little.
    but I just wanted to say, that even though he is a guitar player playing bass, I've always liked what he played (in the context of the songs). he always had melodic and memorable lines.
    and I agree he had a cool tone. :D
  6. You know I always thought he used a P-bass Lyte - they have a similar P/J pickup combination, and some of the basses I've seen him use were of the coloured burst variety - which I'd only seen on the P-bass Lyte basses.

    He definitely used Rotosound strings - Swing 66's and even had a signature set for a while that were anodised black!

    The amps I remember him using were Trace Elliot GP11 amps and the cabs!
  7. FWIW the Jazz Special has 20 frets, and large standard Fender elephant ear machineheads, the Precision Lyte has 22 frets and Gotoh mini machineheads (and a downsized body and active electronics).
  8. you guys are awesome, thanks for the info.
  9. Cool - you live and learn I guess!:)

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