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Duff McKagan...

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Scuzzy666, Feb 24, 2001.

  1. He was the bassist for the original err-- REAL Guns 'n' Roses. I personally think he's one of the better heavy metal bassists out there and could teach some of our rap metal cohorts a few (dozen) things...
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  2. killer B

    killer B

    Apr 18, 2000
    Phoenix, AZ USA
    I dig him. I learned a lot of his parts when I was starting out. He does some of the coolest fills I've heard in a rock setting. Simple but really cool and really perfect. Plus he has a really cool tone.
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  3. Probably one of the few good heavy metal bass players during that time.... I always liked G-n-R......But that was when playing bass meant something other than sitting on a tuned down B string......
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  4. I must agree....Duff's lines from "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Paradise City" especially were some of my favorite play-alongs in my earlier first go-around with bass. "You Could Be Mine" (T2, remember?) kicked ass, too. Good quality hard rock bassist with a stout tone.

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  5. Mr. Brownstone was a great song too, and pretty good bassline. And You Could Be Mine has to be one of the coolest music videos ever, just for all the cool scenes from T2.
  6. Acacia


    Apr 26, 2000
    Austin, TX
    i am not a gnr fan in the least, but his lines were killer!

    and the production on the first gnr is probably the best production ever imho. everything was so crisp, clear and defined, yet perfecty blended.
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  7. eric atkinson

    eric atkinson "Is our children learning "Is our teachers teachin

    Feb 4, 2001
    Hey if you like his stuff listen to some old lynerd skynerd they sound alot alike! Duff must have liked him!
  8. td1368


    Jan 9, 2001
    Duff Rocks. Definetely one of the best rock bassists. The latest live version of Paradise City
    you can here him in the mix really well. I saw GnR twice when they were touring. They really had a great live show even if Axl was an A-hole.
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  9. Hary

    Hary Guest

    Sep 19, 2000
    Hungary, Veszprém
    Duff plays pretty good. Guns is not my favourite band, but he plays well, especially on Apetite. His solo career is not good (I think). Once we broadcasted "Believe in Me" in school radio, but that was the only one from him.
  10. Yeah...Duff was f***ing awesome in those days....
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  11. Hmm. I love Guns N Roses - still listen to 'em regularly - they have a totaly wicked groove and they do serioulsy rock!

    IMO: Duff (kinda bad name for a musician!?) has a cool tone, it cuts through the "wall-o-guitar" really well. He use chorus and stuff, I think?

    I have to say thought that I never really thought his line were particularly great, but they were perfect for GNR - - but then what else matters?!

    I just don't like the sound of picked bass, reminds me of Pat Badger too much...

    Having said that the intro to Sweet Child O Mine is cool....
  12. maxoges


    Aug 23, 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
    some people at this forum bashed duff hard just a few weeks ago. I wonder if they just changed their mind, or if they're gonna show their negative attitude around this thread =D

    I was a huge fan of GNR in the early 90ties and have no problem what so ever with Duff.
  13. brewer9


    Jul 5, 2000
    I do NOT like GnR at all. Axl is too annoying and whines instead of sings.

    I think Duff was really good. He had some great melodic and heavy grooves that few others do. I also like Slash. Too bad Axl sux or GnR might not be so horrible.
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  14. Slash Rules. No questions asked.

    He was the embodyment of rock and roll.
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  15. NJXT


    Jan 9, 2001
    Lyon, FRANCE
    Duff had good lines, I agree with that, but he was not that great IMHO.
    I saw G'n'R live and he fumbled a lot ! (wrong note, missing string or so ...)
    Perhaps it was one bad night (or one drunk/stone night ) but ...
  16. Canadianbassman

    Canadianbassman Guest

    Jan 20, 2001
    Duff is really good. i still listen to Guns and Roses My favorite song is Breakdown and estranged i like the long ones (coma November rain). they had great bass lines and great guitar SLASH,IZZ. axl=A-hole duff is a great bassist
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  17. I like the bass lines on Appetite alot, but I was under the impression that Duff (beer) didn't play them. That they brought in a studio player to "fix" his basslines. I dunno. I heard that somewhere. I don't know if it's true. Do you?
  18. Chube


    Jul 2, 2005
    Milano - Italia
    Reopening an old thread to ask:

    suggestions to get Duff's tone?

    1st of all I think I'll need a chorus pedal...

    Consider I have a Hartke 3500 with 10band eq...how do I set it?

  19. Cantstandsya

    Cantstandsya Supporting Member

    Jul 27, 2001
    Fontana, CA
    GK800RB-Fender P-Bass Special
  20. Chube


    Jul 2, 2005
    Milano - Italia
    I was thinking ebout equalization-compression, not about spending 3000 euros!

    By the way the bass is special jazz.
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