dUg Pinnick (kinda) sound on cheap

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    Mar 26, 2012
    Long post but you can jump to the conclusion :)

    I followed the thread about new Tech21 DP-3x pedal developed for dUg Pinnick as I was shopping for a preamp pedal that I can put in my gigbag when I don't want to take my rack with me. This thread was a real "ear-opener" for me.

    I heard about King's X before but never paid attention to the bass sound. The idea of dUg Pinnick sound for those who don't know is (basically) a split signal to a compressed bass amp for the lows (using high cut) and to a distorted guitar amp for the highs (using low cut). The DP-3x was really high on my GAS list :)

    As I also play guitar, I can use my equipment for doing some testing without buying additional equipment to begin with. For a start, I don't use a bass amp anymore for many years, mainly using a tube bass preamp (old Peavey Alpha) or a modeler (Avid Eleven Rack). At home, for practicing alone or jamming with friends, I use 1x EV ZLX12P top and 1x EV ZXA1 sub. When gigging (2-3 times a year) we use our own PA, basically 2x Yorkville NX55P tops and 2x Yorkville LS700P subs. We are all going direct to PA, drummer playing Roland V-Drums, guitarist using my Eleven Rack and me using my tube preamp, so monitoring ourselves is pretty easy, using 1-2 additional Yorkville NX55P facing us. I don't use effects except a bit of compression from a DBX266 in the mixer rack.

    As my tube preamp has a full range output along with high/low outputs (crossover at 250hz) I was thinking of adding effects to my setup for many years using the high output but never had time to experiment with my Lexicon/TC Electronic multi-effects. Reading the thread about DP-3x, I was starting to think how can I add distortion to the high output along with effects. Preamp and effects are on the rack but distortion pedal will be on the floor. This will add a lot of (unwanted) cables to the setup: bass -> rack -> floor -> rack -> PA.

    I have to say that I never really liked distortion pedals for bass. And I never liked distortion pedals for guitar either. The distortion sound I like on guitar is coming from the gain stage of a tube preamp and/or a tube power amp. My tube preamp has a nice gritty sound, sounding ok playing alone but sounding really good in a band mix. As I just bought an Ampeg SCR-DI lately and finding the Scrambler very usable, the idea of getting a pedal in the setup raised again. How can I use an Ampeg Scrambler in the rack with the ability to engage/disengage from the floor. Then came this idea of using my old Rocktron Voodu Valve collecting dust since I bought my Eleven Rack. The Voodu Valve is a guitar tube preamp with digital effects. Bingo: bass tube preamp for lows and guitar tube preamp for highs (plus effects). Will test for now using 2 cables to PA (one for low output and one for high output) but if it works I will get a Radial SB2 which can merge 2 unbalanced inputs to 1 XLR balanced output to PA.

    Bass -> Peavey tube preamp
    -> low output to PA
    -> high output to Rocktron Voodu Valve -> PA
    Sound? OMG, finally a distorted bass sound I like!!!!!
    I don't know if it's because of:
    1. the lows are always unaffected
    2. sending the highs only to a guitar tube preamp
    3. signal to Voodu Valve is already process by bass tube preamp and already a bit distorted before going to high output to guitar tube preamp (not a clean split signal)
    But whatever the gain, from very low almost clean to very high distorted sound and everything in between, it always sounds HUGE, NICE and "controllable" (not chainsaw at all). I engaged the speaker sim on the Voodu Valve and it helped to control the "zings" of the highs. There's no "mid-scoop" (or hollow spot) as in the DP-3x, probably because of the crossover instead of the split signal to low pass/high pass. Maybe not the sound of dUg Pinnick but same DNA. OMG this sounds so good!!! (for me at least :))

    For a bonus I can setup 3-4 presets with different level of gain/distortion (with associated eq), recallable from midi. I will test the effects later on but I expect really good results as Rocktron always been very good on this department, and only highs will be effected. Will add another 3-4 presets for Octaver (up or down), chorus, delay and reverb. Easy to carry setup as both fit in a 2u rack, weights no more than 15lbs and 3 cables to plug at gigs (bass to preamp, XLR to PA, power cable to outlet). 5 mins to setup and 5 mins to unplug and close rack case at the end of the night, woohoo!!!!

    Had only 1 hour to play with this setup last night but will spend more time to refine/eq in the next weeks:bassist:. So far really happy :). I'd like to thank you TB for being such an ear-opener for me and being such a nice community.
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    dUg has changed his gear up over the years but still manages to cop that sound or very close to it. You're definitely on the same track as he is as far as splitting signals.
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