Dumbest idea in awhile?

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  1. OK... so I need more volume and punch than I can currently get out of the Trace 65W combo I'm using. I'm also WAY short of cash and like the tone I'm currently getting. I could buy another identical amp ($260 new... $100 - $150 used) and use a splitter to send the signal to both amps. This would give me a total of 130W RMS/260W peak through 2 12" Celestion speakers. Good idea?... or are my brain cells fried? :D
  2. JMX

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    The idea is ok, but will only give you a 6 dB boost, 3 dB from doubling the amp power and another 3 from doubling the speakers.

    To get double perceived volume you'd need a plus of 10 dB aka 10 times the amp power.

    Better save up for a combo or stack in the 300+W range.
  3. I understand about the extra watts doing very little to the volume/punch... but I would have thought that doubling the amount of speaker area would make a substantial difference...

    FWIW I don't need to double my volume... just add to it.
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    You don't even need a splitter if the amps have an effects loop.

    Effects out of amp #1 to effects in of amp #2. The amp #1 knobs control both.

    Cost: 1 guitar cord!
  5. Richard Lindsey

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    It does--it makes as much difference as doubling your power.
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    You'll get a bit of a boost in volume as the guys said. But what you will also get with the 2 amps is a cool way of using stereo effects and have panning effects!!

    Where the effect swells in one amp then as it decays swells in the other - can make your sound seem very full and 'big'.

    But then again, you might be better getting a bigger amp and just going for volume!
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    Jan 11, 2002
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    I do something similar - I bi-amp my lows into a 150w Ampeg B3 and a 30w Trace Elliott Boxer for the mids and highs. Even though the Ampeg is a heck of a lot bigger, adding the Trace boosts the volume considerably.

    If you're going to do this, think about getting a different brand of amp than the one you already have, ie, one with a different tone - that way, you may be able to put it to some use in situations where you don't need both amps. Don't use a splitter either - you'll likely lose a good chunk of signal, even with a good one. As was suggested, use the effects loop, or maybe get a cheap A/B box.

    Still, using two combos is no substitute for a nice towering stack... :D
  8. I use two 150 watt Ampeg B3158 combos. It's good. I don't use it for an increase in volume, but more for having more speakers. Two 15's is a heck of a lot better sounding than one. And I could make a full blown stack...just put one on top of the other. Although when it falls over and kills me, well...oops. :)

    Oh, would I have anything to gain by getting an A/B box instead of using my Boss Chorus with 2 outs?