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    I'm parting ways with my new-ish Dunable Thunderclapper. The story here is that the bass was originally a 35" scale. It went back to Sacha for some work and we decided to convert it to 34" scale while it was there. He installed a brand new neck and moved the bridge and re-drilled to have through-body string access (which is why there is some chipping on the back at the sting holes).
    When the bass came back, the new neck had larger diameter tuner holes than what I originally had. So those are not ideal, but they work fine and could easily be replaced with the proper diameter tuners.
    As a whole the bass is in great shape and plays like a dream. It has Avedissian Thunderbird humbucking pickups that simply crush. The bass has a HUGE tone and is pretty easy on the eyes, if I might say so myself.
    Only selling because I have few too many basses at the moment and haven't picked this one up in a while. Not interested in trades, unless it's some sort of super awesome tube amp. wu5orgJjQ0KDr%OcNDnlOA.jpg TplhaqnWRD2ucKK25ZvRcQ.jpg 0FVZZiyBSiyeCknAb3foRw.jpg cO0QtlM6RjCOSWo+Ef3ulw.jpg ANzzAY4HTcqBJiCd6ISaag.jpg HQWa04weRCGDZE0VePW3IA.jpg p2O3JrTWQQeqIzdpBl%WuQ.jpg zf7sO%gcQYONhX4oB%LiOA.jpg
    I do not have a case for it, but I will include the worlds crappiest gig bag and have it professionally packed. The price is OBO.
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    Sweet sassy molassy! That's a nice one!
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