Duncan p bass...antiquity I...full strength mags

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  1. Just wanted to say hello...1st post
    ...working musician...as many of you know...live gig requirements are different from home/studio...as are volume & style diff's...
    Ordered ant I for p bass with FULL STRENGTH A2 mags...IMO...people don't realize the diff mags make wen comparing other pups to this particular line...never been comfy in a live/loud situation w ants b'cuz of degaused mags (i play guitar also)...thus...ant I w full strength A2 IMO yields...a little less low end...way less "clack"...less piano string...more warmth/rubber...not as much "clank" wen used with a jazz pup...not "grindy"...stronger signal than degaused version...2 thumbs up for what it does
  2. Hi it sounds interesting although you haven’t been very clear ... which music genre do you play ? Which other pickups of the Ant series did you play you weren’t comfirtable with and why?
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    Have you compared it to a regular Antiquity? I am curious to the sonic difference.
  4. Yes...i was specifially trying not to say the type of music or the tone i go for when playing this particular bass. For example, i would play early sabbath (which i don't play) with a different tone than geezer. Someone else may choose different tone to play the same music. I was just describing the tone as compared to most vintage output/tone P pups...that being said...
    In my original post...i'm speakin about live situations which require some volume or power...ie: rock/pop/r&b, or heavier. I'm not talkin about doin a gig @ the local watering hole with no PA (but i do those also)
    Most p bassists have never heard/felt an A2 mag, let alone a degaussed mag, since for over 60 years A5's the standard...that's standard A5 vintage wind...
    Fyi...i've also used strats, tele's, hums...my hums hav full strength A2's
    ...the others are gone for live situations
  5. That is...my other Ant's
  6. Same for me ... what I noted with my Am. Pro. P bass is that the V-mod pup is clearer than a yet more powerful AlNiCo V pickup such as the GZR from EMG that I have in a MIJ P bass of mine ... the pickup installed on my Am. Elite P (don’t know what the stock pup from Fender is) is soft as well, a little bit darker than the V-mod which tone I prefer, although, in this case, the difference is subtle
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    Not sure about the strength but dimarzio area p is alnico 2. Good sounding pickup for sure
  8. Dimarzio AREA P is very good...but once again...this is a full strength A2 magnet...not degaussed, as the ANTS are...if u think of a pickup with an A5 magnet as having a flat EQ (for arguements sake) the same pickup with an A2 will have smoother/darker highs & less lows (without being "bass shy")...i find it hard to compare most P PUPS to ANTS simply b'cuz the mags are not the same...
    ...my original post was intended only to say my impression of the ANT I for P (57 'clone) with a magnet which is not stock, but can be ordered with, vs what a normal stock vintage-ish P pickup IS ...
    The ohms & materials make it what it is...vintage.
    A mag is @ least 1/2 the power in any pup...ant mags produce a very beautiful sound, which for me, when pushed, as in a higher powered/volume situation, falls apart.
    With the full strength mags, they do not. My next purchase will be ANT II P bass (pride) with full strength A5 mags, & i have no doubt i will be just as happy with those as i am with ANT I w full strength A2
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  9. AII is an awesome choice for P bass pickups. The best set of P pickups I ever owned were a rare set of AII that Fralin made for a now defunct company years ago. All of the P hallmarks were there, but the shrill highs were attenuated a bit, and in their place was a very musical and shimmering tonal bliss. The lows seemed tighter (not lacking), and it was just overall super balanced with regards go the mids. The rest was stock Fralin wind and wire. More companies should add AII as an option to their line for P pups, IMO.
  10. Lol...tu...i am not an island !
  11. Fyi...member ORLATI...i believe fender prof's are A2 on D&G...A5 on A&E
    ...but i've been wrong b4 !
    ...as an aside...i also installed ANT 1 P
    full strength mags in my flatwound P
    ...IMO...really shine there
    PS...I also do like and use pups w A5
  12. Finally had a chance to use these pickups...ANT I, p bass, full strength A2 mags...very nice, very articulate, rubbery, no muck, enough lows. It was a blues, R&B gig...probably wouldn't use these on a modern rock/pop gig
    ...i could also see these easily going in the direction of early Sabbath or Free...
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