SOLD Dunlop 105q Cry Baby Bass Wah

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    Jan 28, 2014
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    North Carolina
    Hey all, up for sale I have a Dunlop Cry Baby Bass Wah. It's got some scratches on the bottom plate, but overall it's in great shape and works great. I'm selling because I recently downsized to the Dunlop Mini Bass Wah for a more compact board. I am including a set of velcro pads that are made for wah pedals. You just remove the feet and replace them with the velcro. Price is $69 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! IMG_20200323_182528_MP.jpg IMG_20200323_182615.jpg IMG_20200323_182636.jpg IMG_20200323_182504.jpg IMG_20200323_182510.jpg IMG_20200323_182519.jpg IMG_20200323_182538.jpg
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