dunlop straplock problem

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  1. :bag: *ducks*
    I _have_ searched the forums, and I didn't find what I looked for!

    so, with that cleared up, here's my problem: I've got dunlop straplocks mounted on my peavey cirrus (by default), and it works fine in all aspects but one: the strap part doesn't sit tight, the washer moves and makes sounds when I play. it's almost as if my strap wasn't thick enough :rolleyes:.. did I do something wrong? I've never used straplocks before.
  2. as far as I can see there are no problems!

    if you want the rattling to stop, you could always put some pieces of foam in after your put the strap on?

  3. I had the same issue with the one Dunlop equiped bass I have. I took the part that rattles (the raised ring that protects the release button), placed it on a sheet of felt, traced it and cut out the ring (trace the inside as well, you need to get the actual locking part through it). The felt mostly hides under the ring and the rattle goes away. Or you could try a thicker strap... ;)

    The problem is non-existant with Schaller strap locks, though they take a bit of Lok-Tite and the right size wrench to make them trouble-free.
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    None. At all.
    Another option is to roll into Home Depot* or the like and buy some washers that are similar in size to the washers that come with the straplocks. The washers act as spacers that tighten up everything nicely and eliminate any play or noise.

    * Just realized the original poster lives in Sweden, where they may not have Home Depot. Any decent hardware store will do fine.
  5. thanks for the responses.. I'll fill it out with something then.
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    I sometimes hear a little jingle from the lock when I move the bass around, but only when the room is quiet. The jingle doesn't come through the amp so I don't worry about it.
  7. Same here, it usually stops when I stand up and put tension on the strap.