Dying a Pick Guard

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  1. Steve Cat

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    Mar 19, 2001
    Is it possible to dye or somehow change the color of my white pickguard on my Jazz to robin's egg blue or even better tourquoise? It would look so cool against the natural ash finish?
  2. It MIGHT be possible...

    There are lots of plastics that can be dyed and it is a fairly common thing to do in some circles. I have dyed parts for RC racecars with great results. The bottom line is this - Give it a try! If the pickguard isn't dyeable, nothing will happen. If it is then you'll really have an interesting one-off piece. Here's how you go about it:

    Believe it or not, dyeing for plastics is done exactly the same way that dyeing fabrics is done. Select the color from a chart - I've always used RIT dyes but there are also Procyon dyes that are great. If you can't get a single color that you want, you can mix the dyes to get a custom shade. Follow manufacturers recommendations but add more salt to your boiling water before the dye. Salt is used to "carry" the dye into the plastic. You can try the concentrated mixture on the back of the pickguard but what the hell, just drop it in. You might want to tie a string to it and pull it up every so often to see if it is the right shade. When the color is to your liking, just dunk it in cold water to stop the dye process and you're done!

    Oh, and Steve, you might want to try posting this type of question down in Setup. That's where we discuss all things bass (except strings and pups) and where all of the custom info is at.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I used to dye a bunch of my lacrosse heads and they turned out great. So you might want to try and get a dye from a LaX store. Since the plastic that a LAX head is made of seems the same that pickguards are made of.