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E & A with corelli's

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by MerryPrankster, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. What E & A string would match a G & D Corelli 370F?
    I'm thinking Varicore but im open to opinion
  2. What's wrong with the Corelli 370F E & A?

    Maybe Thomastik Superflexibles (blue ends)?
    Pirastro Flatchromesteels (new ones)
  3. Good point the A is do-able but the E is like 45$...i wanted to save a few...helicore arco med. A & E are like 50 combined...
  4. kwd


    Jun 26, 2003
    silicon valley
    I feel your pain about the high priced 370 E. Have you considered matching the G and D 370s with the Corelli 380 E and A strings? It's not going to be a pefect match but the tension should be close and they're less expensive. They're not as bright as the 370s though. Or, you might want to consider buying the affordable A and a Weich E. I think a Weich E sets you back about $36 so that would lighten your load $9.
  5. Thanks for your emailed letter. Yes, I use the Corelli solo strings for my top two strings, but the solo strings that they make for the bottom two haven?t enough tension, so I use their orchestra strings and then tune them up to solo pitch. On my new bass, I use D?addario solos for the top two and orchestras for the bottom two and then, like the Corellis, I tune them up to solo. I used to do the same with Pirastro Flexicore strings. The Corelli strings produce a very pure and focused sound which is not always desirable for orchestral playing. For orchestra, I probably would lean toward D?addario Helicore.

    Basst wishes,

    Gary Karr

    now that i know what gary karr does i will do a similar arrangement in orch tuning
  6. Savarez Corelli 370M G
    Savarez Corelli 370M D
    Helicore Orchestra Medium A
    Helicore Orchestra Medium E

    This will most likely be my arrangement...

  7. I can not stand Weichs...I played them on a bass similar to mine...I would never use them in an orchestra setting or for any bowing at all...

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