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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by PluckyThump, Oct 28, 2016.

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    Whenever I'm currently logged on to TB and browsing around I get email notifications for every single alert that comes up. This really isn't necessary; I can see the alerts at the top right of the page, I don't need to get emails about them. The flipside to that is when I subscribe to a thread and request email notification I often don't get any and when I come back to TB next time I see a long list of alerts that I was never notified of. This behavior is the opposite of what it should be. Notify me when I'm NOT on TB and turn them off when I'm ON TB. That's how it should work.
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    I'll try to give some tips where I can, but the behavior of the software cannot be easily modified. The software has no ability to know when you're on the site vs off site, when it comes to email notifications. If you're getting too many, I'd simply suggest changing your preferences such that you don't get email notifications for the type of alert that you're getting too many of.

    This obviously shouldn't be the case. I'll check the mail logs and notify you via PM if there's something going on with your email delivery. Do you by chance have this option checked:

    Screenshot at Oct 31 13-06-53.png

    ? If you do, you will get an alert for every new post to a thread, even if you haven't viewed it since the last alert. BUT, you will not get a new email for a new alert *until you view the thread*. This is to prevent 20 new posts to a thread sending out 20 emails (and subsequent spam complaints).
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