SOLD E.Q.D Afterneath/EBS Dynaverb studio/615 smooth/ fuzz clone

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    Nov 16, 2011
    Denver, Colorado
    Trade interests are pretty thin but shoot me an offer

    Earthquaker Devices -Afterneath $200 "Otherworldly Reverberator"
    Works like it should. A very effective, super transparent pedal no loss of highs or lows.

    EBS DynaVerb Studio Edition(Gold)-$170 shipped
    Like-new. NOTE: FYI Works with a 12v much better, tried my snarkey 9v and didn't work on it, not sure why. Pretty much self explanatory digital reverb. Silent footswitch, super bright red led.

    Foxx Fuzz Clone Octave Brassmaster pedal-$60 shipped

    Original makers description:
    Up for grabs is a modern interpretation of the vintage Foxx Tone Machine octave fuzz. This is a compact pedal board friendly 1590b enclosed fuzz that updates the layout and is made from higher quality components and built to a higher standard. This fuzz is very high gain and features two different switchable voicings, The octave mode is one of the most intense octave up fuzz ever made. The fuzz mode is a ripping classic fuzz tone. Controls for tone, volume, and sustain. True bypass with indicator, standard 9v adapter powered (not included), raw aluminum enclosure.
    I am a 20 years experienced pro builder in the US, These are not from kits, I source all of my own boutique components and the best pcbs available.
    Bought on ebay here--> upforgrabsfx on eBay

    Roger Mayer 615 Smooth $300
    Roger Mayer 615 Smooth-Compressor Analog Dynamics Processor Pedal
    High quality, no latency processor
    Great enhancer and comp. Sounds super nice, and perfect for recording.
    Gives a really nice upfront sheen to the sound is the best I can describe it
    RM pedals are top notch. Velcro on bottom

    All prices include shipping CONUS Paypal OK

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  2. DTM1


    Feb 3, 2018
    Hey any interest in a source audio bass envelope filter pro for the afterneath?
  3. DarnellBass

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    Nov 16, 2011
    Denver, Colorado
    Thanks, but no thanks.