EA Iamp 350 Combo For Sale

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  1. I used this one just occasionally at home, never seen the out doors. It's in top mint condition. I am entertaining serious offers, the combo looks and runs like brand new. Has the 10" coaxial speaker, etc.

    Email me for pics:

  2. Since the combo is like brand new I was thinking ~ $850.00

    If anyone is interested please email for pics, thanks.
  3. Anyone wants it for $800.00? The combo is in new condition.
  4. Just wanted to let you all know that the combo is on hold for now.

  5. I hate to do this but my transmission broke down.
    I am selling this combo on a "first come first" basis.

    For pics please email me:


  6. $750.00 plus shipping that's the lowest I can go.

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  8. The combo is on hold for now. David Paprill intends to purchase it. If things change I will post it, thanks.
  9. The combo is sold.
    thanks for your interest(s), everyone