EA iAmp 800 speaker loading question

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  1. Granted this is a pretty basic question, but I can't find the answer anywhere. Will an iAmp 800, with its 2 speakon connectors wired +1/-1, run 2 8-ohm cabinets in series at 16 ohms (not what I'm hoping for, and generally a bad thing in my book), or are the connectors parallel, causing the total load to be 4-ohms. I guess what's throwing me is the +1/-1 bit. I don't really understand what that means. In short: iAmp 800-speaker outputs series or parallel?
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    I believe Parallel...
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    Series wiring of the speaker jacks is extremely uncommon in solid state amps; in fact I can't recall ever seeing it done that way in one.

    Cap'n: take a look at the Neutrik website to learn about how Speakon terminals are typically wired. 1+ and 1- at both ends is the standard Speakon cable configuration for a single channel (not biamped or bridged) mono amp. There's no downside that I'm aware of.