SOLD EA iAmp800 Combo & Cab

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    Jun 15, 2006
    E01995BF-1BFF-4643-B24A-FA27508AB5D1.jpeg DD3D2EA5-C804-421E-BF38-8D93C9DA214C.jpeg Euphonic Audio iAmp800 Combo and Euphonic Audio CXL 112 bass cabinet up for sale.

    Asking $600 for the iAmp800 Combo ($1600 new in 2005) and $300 for the EA CXL 112 (paid over $600 used). Total rig for $900.

    The iAmp800 Combo was purchased new by me in May 2005 and was used for 4 years as my primary rig. The CXL 112 was purchased used about a year later but was only used twice. From 2009 the combo was used solely as a practice amp.

    This is a great rig with amazing EQ options and lots of power. It’s known for its transparency. The only issues I’ve experienced is to replace the power switch 3 times on the combo which is straight forward...pull the amp from the cab, open the amp up and replace the switch which is a plug soldering required. The replacement switch is inexpensive, < $5 and can be found at a common electronic parts house. The combo has a telescoping handle to pull it like luggage, but one of the wheels needs to be replaced albeit it’s usable.

    The iAmp800 shows normal usage, but the CXL 112 looks new and comes with a EA cover.

    I have over $2200 invested in this rig, but asking $900.

    PM if interested.

    Local sale only in San Antonio, Texas.
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