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EA Service

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by RSmith, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. I recently bought an EA NL210 cab. I'm runnin' a GK 700 rb thru it. It sounds sweet, but I was jonsin' for an iAmp 800 so just once in my life I'd have a head that matched my cab! I found a great price on one about 90 miles away. I went up there and asked for one in the box, got home and it was DOA nuthin' zero, ziltch! Through the active imput I got a barley audible volume level and through the passive imput it just hummed loudly. I took it back with the intention of swapping it out for the floor model then ordering a new one. Well guess what, the floor model must have been whack too because it wouldn't achieve any type of volume that you would consider loud enough for a gig.

    500 watts at 8 ohms into a 500 watts cab. This thing should have been movin' some air but it was not happening. The sales guys agreed and we couldn't find anything like "user error" to blame. We tried the iAmp 500 and it was a bit louder then the 800 but not much!

    Anyhow I got home and there was a message from EA's local rep on my machine. We spoke at length and he offered to drive down to my house (about 190 miles round trip) and demo it for me here in my living room. My wife had already redesignated the money for her dentist appt the next day so I had to decline. At this point he offered to do it anyway just so I'd know how good their gear was.

    I still declined since my wife had already spent the dough and my GK really works fine! I was still impressed with the quick response and the reps (Paul) offer to bring me a head and let me demo it in my living room. His comment was "well we're a small company and we can't afford not to go the extra mile"!
  2. That's just one thing that I absolutly love about small companies. They are willing to work for your money. They will usually run around in circles to keep you happy with them and their products. IMO it's worth the couple extra dollars to buy from a reputable small company for the extra benefits.

    When was the last time anyone talked to the guy who built their amp or speaker cab at a place like Ampeg or the likes.
    (no offence to ampeg, I love their gear, but the service is not up to par with some smaller companies)