SOLD EAE Dagger prototype

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    Apr 17, 2014
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    Up for sale is one of the Electronic Audio Experiments Dagger prototypes. This is one of two that I think are out in the public.
    Excellent OD pedal. Sparkly pink enclosure. Top jacks and power.
    Here is detailed info on the pedal from the person I purchased it from-

    "The current Daggers that John(EAE) sells are set to silicon clipping only.

    What sets this one apart:
    -internal clipping options for germanium/none/yellow led (a bit more open and smoother than red led)
    -The low pass filter in this one is set lower to be optimal for bass. I honestly like both options, but this one makes the sound so gigantic. This is like a Blueberry overdrive, but much more versatile, more open sounding, and with more high end if you want it.
    This one is a one off with a pink sparkle enclosure. I changed the on/off led to white and switched the knobs to clear ones. Super happening look! Velcro on the bottom."

    I'm selling it for what I paid for it. Price includes shipping in CONUS and CAN.

    prototype dagger.jpg
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