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Ear Weirdness

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Dave, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Did a search and I didnt really see where people had the same thing happening, so I dont think a thread has been made about this.

    Anyways...Does anyone here have weird stuff happen with their ears? I find that sometimes my hearing will go almost completely out of one of my ears, with the exception of a little bit of ringing. I guess this is just a side effect from listening to loud music? Any comments, questions, personal issues?

  2. ladros2


    Jun 2, 2005
  3. You must be jesting, earplugs are for wussies. :spit:

    :D Yes, I know I probly should, but my band honestly isnt very loud. If this is cause by loudness in music, it comes from listening to music loud in my car. This has actually gone on for as long as I can remember, before I had a car, or before I played bass.
  4. I use to have that... like... once a month.

    For a few seconds I would go deaf and all I could hear was faint ringing.

    Scared the crap out of me the first time it happened. I was taking a test in some class.

    ...but It hasn't happened in a long while.
  5. Yeah, thats pretty much word for word what happens to me, doesnt happen very often, but its kinda annoying/ disconserting when it happens.
  6. same thing happens to me...about once a month...indeed it's very weird. It used to scare the hell out of me, but now i just talk really loud and it comes back, i donno that's what works for me.
  7. Groove Theory

    Groove Theory Grizzly Adams DID have a beard.

    Oct 3, 2004
    The Psychiatric Ward
    kindof, I got sick a couple months ago, and for some reason it affected my ears alot. i even went to an otolaryngologist, and had a hearing test and everything, which in the audiologist's words was "perfect", a week or so later, everything was back to normal.

    I've also noticed when I'm working with CA glue, it tends to irritate the eustachian tube in the middle ear, causing a pressurized feeling within the ear. in that case, just get away from the toxic fumes for a little while and voila. presto chango back to normal.

    other than that, I'd have to reitterate the fact that you should WEAR EAR PLUGS! if you dont already, I would recommend going to an audiologist and having some custom attenuating musician's ear plugs made.
  8. I had earplugs molded for me, I don't lose anything and I protect my ears, moreover I have an overall better sound on stage, clearer!