No longer available Early 2000s USA G&L L-2000, skinny neck, nice!

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    This is available again, trade fell apart.
    I’ve got a early 2000s USA G&L L-2000 up for sale or trade.
    Bass is in great shape with just a couple of small dinks as shown.
    9lbs, skinny neck option, OHSC shown.
    Asking $850 plus shipping.
    I’m open to trades and can trade up or down. Please understand that if I don’t accept your trade offer, it’s probably because I’m a grumpy old man and I get kind of picky. I like vintage basses and guitars and tube amps. But I’m also very polite so make your offer and the worst you’ll get is a polite no.

    Ok, bring on the offers!
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    Skinny as in slim profile? What is the nut width?
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    Yes, the neck at the nut is 1.5”