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Early 50's Epiphone Upright American Bass for sale!!

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by tcarrico, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. tcarrico


    Dec 29, 2008

    I am placing my early 50's Epiphone upright B-4 bass for sale - reducing price one more time to to $1,800. I live in Louisville, Ky. and will negotiate travel based on payment arrangements.

    Here are the specs:

    1. Serial # 2018 or 2013 (last # hard to read on bottom of fretboard)
    2. Violin sunburst with replacement bridge and repaired neck close to scroll (professionally repaired by First Quality Instruments, Louisville, Ky for $600).
    3. Incredibly deep, booming tone with new strings.
    4. Original Brazilian rosewood neck plays extremely well.
    5. Some knicks and scratches from normal aging but very good condition overall. Pix will be provided to interested parties via email.

    Contact me at email address thomas.carrico@insightbb.com and will provide additional details as needed. Serious inquiries only please. The bass is on display and can also be seen at First Quality Music in Louisville, Ky. as well.

Thread Status:
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