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Early 60s Ampeg B-15N - Boston area

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by TheSuzie, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. I have owned this amp since the 1980s and it has never left my living room. I have actually only used this amp a few dozen hours in the last 15 years. Intermittent illness has prevented me from doing nearly as much playing as I used to and the amp is too heavy for me to move. This amp is the one that the neighbors down the street loved to hear. Plug in your Fender (or clone) and it's instant Apollo Theatre. Considering its' relatively modest wattage rating the sound really does carry from this amp.

    One of the best things about this one is that it is loaded with beautiful sounding vintage tubes. They would probably cost hundreds on their own if sold seperately. This B-15 also appears to have the original speaker.

    The cosmetics of this one are not perfect. There are some divots in the diamond tolex, some edge wear, someone's initials roughly etched into the plexi, one missing cage stud, some non-original handles screwed into the sides. Still I think this amp is well above average for an unrestored B-15, especially considering the rusted out, dented and broken hulks I have seen with big price tags in some music stores and online over the last decade.

    For now I would prefer not to ship this amp. Looking for $950 or possibly trades for ultralight heads, cabs or maybe combos. Feel free to pm offers and questions. No pics yet but working on it...

    Price Drop to $800
  2. Bumped for Price Drop to $800


    Keep those cards and letters coming...
  3. fallen again.
  4. CosmicRay

    CosmicRay Supporting Member

    Any pics of this amp? Is it still available?
  5. dukeplaysbass

    dukeplaysbass Supporting Member

    Holy zombie thread....

    This ad is in 3rd grade by now....
    kirillio likes this.
  6. CosmicRay

    CosmicRay Supporting Member

    Wow, how time flies! Hope he's getting good grades.
    But seriously, I don't why are these posts still up?
    I didn't really look at the date (my bad) but when you're searching for something, I guess you see what you want to see.
  7. dukeplaysbass

    dukeplaysbass Supporting Member

    Sure - early 60s B-15 for $800 sounds custom made for me....
  8. CosmicRay

    CosmicRay Supporting Member

    No doubt! There's one available for $1500.00
    Out of my range right now.
  9. dukeplaysbass

    dukeplaysbass Supporting Member

    You make a good point. There should be a "sell by" date on these ads.

    Maybe the mods will see this and make a change...
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