Early 80's St Blues BluesKing

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    Apr 6, 2000
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    Hi All I figured I would give you all a chance on this before I traded it at BassPalace.
    Early 80's St Blues BluesKing
    Honey snbrst in exellent shape. Dimarzio PJ set up is original.
    Maple neck has that pbass feel and width. Theres a couple of small dings but otherwise this bass is mint. I have two of these and they stomp any 1980's or 90's Fenders to the ground. This bass comes with molded Fender case.
    This is a great deal $535 shipped in the US.
    The one I'm selling is on the right!
    Willing to trade for? Fretless Pbass, A or B neck Pbass, Fretless Jbass (Japan or MIA) What do you got?