For Sale/Trade Earthquaker Astral Destiny Reverb + Aguilar octamizer + Markbass little mark 250

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    Looking to trade my Astral Destiny Reverb in excellent condition, my Aguilar Octamizer in great condition & my Markbass Little Mark 250 in new condition still with the stickers on it, for something awesome, or several awesome things.
    I’m very interest in a smaller midi foot controller, as well as Emma Discombobulator v2, Fredericks audio bug crusher or anything thing else awesome you may wanna trade. I
    Love synth,glitch,delay,octave, midi, ambient, envelope filters, etc… shoot me an offer!
    If you wanna buy Prices go:
    $200 Astral Destiny
    $130 Aguilar Octamizer
    $289 brand ne Little Mark 250
    I’ll trade them for even better deals if you make the right offer. Thanks! B7138BB1-687A-4428-A434-D38F2243471E.jpeg

    Explore Pitch-shifted, Vast Realms of Reverb
    With eight distinct reverb types, plus big creative potential with its expression pedal input, the EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny reverb effects pedal is primed for sonic exploration. Effects range from vast cavernous spaces and shimmer reverb with octave up and sub-octave pitch effects to upward and downward pitch bending. Whether you want to add some ambient magic to single note lines or create new sonic textures with sustained notes and chords, you'll find it here. And with other amenities such as an assignable expression input for real-time manipulation, a switchable Tails mode to allow your reverb trail to decay naturally after switching the effect off, and eight user preset slots available for easy recall of your favorite custom effects settings, the EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny is the sonic manipulator you've been waiting for.

    Great value for awesome tone and versatility.
    Building on the success of the popular original Markbass Little Mark, the Blackline Little Mark 250 offers great, useful features and power for studio, practice and smaller live use - and offers it at a killer price.

    It features XLR and 1/4" inputs, a six-band EQ - including VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter); center frequency 380 Hz (cut) and VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) frequency range 250 Hz-20 kHz (cut) - gain, volume and line-out controls. The back panel hosts the speaker output, tuner out, FX loop and switchable pre/post EQ XLR line out for direct recording or feeding cleanly to a house PA.
    • Power: 250W
    • Six-band EQ ” including VPF and VLE
    • Inputs: 1/4" and XLR
    • FX loop
    • XLR output (switchable pre/post EQ)
    • Weight: 5.73 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 10.1" x 10.87" x2.8" 74E2D34C-2192-4646-AF89-D5C3F1B3728F.jpeg
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