Eastwood Univox Bass Neck Dimensions Compared to a Univox Hi-Flyer

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    Hey all!

    My main bass has been a '74 Univox Hi-Flyer for a while now. A few years ago i got an Eastwood Hi-Flyer. While i love the bass, the necks on both of these things is like night and day. The Univox Hi-Flyer has a very slim neck, while the Eastwood Hi-Flyer has one of the fattest and chunkiest necks i have ever played.

    Here are my Univox Hi-Flyer and Eastwood Hi-Flyer basses:


    Now, to make this thread very confusing, Eastwood is selling a "Univox Bass". The neck seems different than the Univox Hi-Flyer... the Eastwood Hi Flyer is a set neck with rosewood fingerboard, while the Eastwood Univox is bolt on and a maple fingerboard.

    Here's the 'Eastwood Univox Bass':


    Since these don't really show up in any stores in my area, i was hoping one of y'all might have tried the Eastwood Univox Bass out and could tell me how the neck compares to a Univox Hi-Flyer.

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