TRADED EB MM Sabre Classic Bass

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    Mar 3, 2015
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    2014-15 Music Man Sabre Classic bass with birdseye maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. I will include 3 different pickguards (black, mint, tortoise). These are essentially based on the vintage ones, but with some modern upgrades and a much better neck pickup Bought this last year (These were discontinued in 2015) It's been played a little, and only has very small amount of wear (barely even noticeable and hard to capture in pictures). It is always stored in the case. The truss rod works and is easy to use (adjusted only seasonally or when switching string guages/ rounds/flats etc). Don't have a very reliable scale, but I would guess it is somewhere close to 9 lbs.

    so you can get an idea of the sound:

    Trade options:
    - Wilkins WRTPJ4
    - MM Stingray with maple neck ( 1976 - 1994 or Classic series) vintage string-mute style bridge (like my Sabre!). Prefer the 2-band version but will consider 3 band
    - Sandberg California VM4
    - Sandberg California TM4
    - G&L L2000 USA (not the tribute model)
    - Fender American 60th Anniversary Precision Bass (the one with the '51 style pickguard)
    - Fender American Elite Precision bass with maple neck (prefer the "Natural" finish one)
    - 1978 Fender American Precision bass in "players" condition with a good neck and frets (because it would be nice to own an instrument made the year I was born).
    If you have another interesting trade offer (interested in basses only.... unless you have a Greenboy Fearless F212 cabinet) send me a Private Message.. I might say no, but doesn't hurt to ask.
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    Mar 3, 2015
    Trade in progress