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EB MM Stingray4, Washburn XB500, Washburn acoustic BG's for sale (Berks, UK)

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Howard K, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. Howard K

    Howard K

    Feb 14, 2002
    In Berkshire, UK, buyer collects!

    Ernie Ball MusicMan StingRay 4 String
    Translucent red (a nice deep red colour, with grain visible through the finish), black pickguard.
    Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard.
    3 band 9v active EQ
    push/pull passive switch on the volume knob - a customisation
    There are two small, like 2mm and smaller sized dents on the BACK of the body and no visible marks on the front. The neck is in perfect condition with no dents whatsoever.
    It has recently been set-up by The Gallery and has a set of La Bella flatwound strings, giving it a lovely traditional funk/motown kinda sound.
    It's a beautiful playing and sounding bass and comes with a high quality, very solid MusicMan hardcase.
    £900 - or a sensible offer.

    Washburn XB-500 5 String
    Jazz-shape red body with flamed top, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.
    2 band 9v active EQ (treble & bass boost), two soap bar pickups. This was my main bass for a while, is very light, has a really narrow neck and narrow string spacing, very easy to play and can produce some quality and very varied tones. It would make a good first five string, or a second bass. It's not got any dents or marks whatsoever, is in nigh-on perfect condition. It's currently string from E to high C, there were no adjustments to made to do this, so it can be changed back to have a low B easily. I can do this - and include either set of strings in the sale.
    This bass comes with a soft case.
    £200 - or a sensible offer.

    Washburn Acoustic with Piezo pickup
    All White 4 string acoustic bass, with black beading, looks a bit 'Elvis'!
    Piezo electric pickup with 1/4" and XLR output.
    I don't really want to sell this one because it's dead good having an acoustic instrument to hand, but I want the cash.
    This bass comes with a soft case.
    £300 or a sensible offer.

    All three basses are in good condition, have been played, but have been looked after and have been well set-up and have good quality (la bella) strings. The prices are guides, I will accept reasonable offers - in fact I'm expecting to barter a little

    Please contact Howard on 07808 281 956, or email howard.king@yellgroup.com if you want more details, or to come round and try out a bass or two.

    I also have a Spirit Soundcraft 14:2 mixer (with one of the monitor outputs broken, just a quick soldiering job) for sale which I'll let go for £100 - no offers, this is an absolute bargain even with the repair job needed.