Ebay Auctions Gone Bad?

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  1. Hey....I was just thinking(I know...scary)
    But,like...has anyone every bought something from Ebay...and the check/money order cleared...and they didn't get what they wanted?

    Please...explain to me what can go wrong,and what has...

    Stories welcome:D

  2. yoshi


    Jul 12, 2002
    England, London
    Well right now I bought some snes stuff and expected to pay by postal order (it didnt sa otherwise).

    Anyway, I sent an email about the payment, then recieved a one word reply of 'cheque'. Over the next 3 days I sent more in order to decipher weather or not a postal order would be ok as I cant send a cheque until halfway through the month.

    SO the end of the story is I'll have to wait until the 20th earilest to get it were as if he had of accepted postal order it'd have been here by the 5th.
  3. I bought a laptop which the seller was supposed to have in from his distributor within the next 30 days. It turns out paypal has restrictions on this type of sale and tied up the funds so neither the seller or I could get them back immediately. After filing a complaint with paypal, 30 days later I received a refund $76 short. This was fees charged to the sellers account and taken from my payment before it was refunded. I filed a complaint with my credit card co. and 90 days later they refunded me the difference. Unfortunately 2 others who bought from the same seller sent him checks. They weren't as lucky. At last report they had not received their money or laptops and had filed charges with the sellers local police. Always pay with a credit card or a USPS money order. With the credit card you have 30 day protection on all purchases and with a USPS money order you can get the Feds involved if the seller commits fraud.
  4. I bought a paintball gun on ebay a few years ago, and after I sent the money, the seller disappeared. Totally. He erased his email address and deleted his ebay account. This was before PayPal was even established (AFAIK) and I paid by check. There was nothing I could do at all. He could of gotten away with it if had wanted.

    But the gun eventually came....five months later.
  5. Well, my mom bought a sweatshirt on eBay and she got it and it had like 5 stains on it and so she complained to the seller about it and the seller said that it was clean when she sent it and nothing had happened to the package it came in...but to this day I still wonder how the coffee stains got on it...also the seller wouldnt refund her money or let her trade it in for another one.

    Also, when you bid, don't bid right away, instead wait it out and see if some idiots jack it up really high or try and sneak in your bid w/ like 30 seconds left in the auction JUST to make sure you win ;) ~ Tyler