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  1. lamarjones

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    Aug 27, 2002
    Raleigh, NC
    so, I should be working, but I am highly undermotivated, so I pretty much look at basses most of the day. And on ebay, you can occassionally find some deals. I picked up an old tobias (#236) that had a cracked headstock for 670. Even thought it had a cracked headstock, that was a score to me for one with an omega cutout!

    So anyways....I thought I'd post this.


    I believe the buy it now price is still a bargain for anyone looking for one of these. So, if you see anything you think is a great buy, here is a thread to put in under. Help a fellow TB'er get a good deal, and more importantly, a good ax to play!

    I saw a Tobias guitar from 82 with a buy it now price of 1300, and it sold in 5 hours. There are some deals out there!
  2. geezer316

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    Jan 26, 2003
    i too always am on E-BAY,even if i'm not searching for a specific item i still look to see if theres a good deal. and there usually is,i am always in the market for a bargin,but i still am careful because there is always one out there looking to finagle someone. i never gotten burned but have heard to stories and have known a couple of victims,so it pays to do some research before you just hit the BUY IT NOW magic button:D
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    General rules I go by:

    1) First and foremost, research the seller via his/her feedback. If the feedback is iffy, he/she could be selling a Fodera for 100 bucks and I wouldn't touch it.

    2) Research the product. Don't just go to Harmony-Central, do a search on Google and hell, ask others on these boards.

    3) Research the relative value of it and stick with a top figure that you would feel comfortable paying. You may see a Geddy Lee that you have been dying for, but if it's selling for $750.00, pass. There will be others.

    I've been lucky as I have never been burned on ebay (knock on wood).
  4. I saw that bass last night and thought that it was a pretty good deal, but the more I thought about it, the more I remembered that these Smith's don't do so hot on the resale end for whatever reason. I would really like to try one someday though.
    I bought a dead mint 97 Smith CRVG or CRV Pro 5 with a Flamed Bubinga top and back for $1200. It was up for bid for just a couple of hours untill I snatched it up. That's been my best ebay purchase. It's actually my favorite bass right now.
  5. bollefen

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    Mar 13, 2003
    just got a mim jazz, listed as excellent, original, slight scratches.

    paid and when i got it it had visible holes for an aftermarket bridge drilled in it, was filthy, every screw was rusty, crusty and filled with crud.

    the seller would not make good and he had limited but 100% positve feedback. aaarrggghhhh!!!!!

    what a jerk, and like ebay cares or will do anything! pay $20 for a non binding arbitration??? if he cared he'd have made good.


  6. Bill,
    I had one of those sellers as well, only my experience was a little worse. About 4 or 5 years ago, right when ebay just got started, I bought a late 70's Pbass from this person. The add said near mint. When it arrived, it was far from mint, but it was okay because I like the look of a worn in Fender. Well, something wasn't right with the way it was set up, so I took to my place that does my work. I wanted them to mill the frets and have it set up. They called a little while later and said there's nothing we can do to this bass. The trussrod was broken. I was pissed, and notified the seller. His response was that it was fine when he sent it, so the shop must have broken in. I showed my tech this email response,and he was furious. He's actually one of the three in the country that Fender sends work to. To cut to the chase, the seller did nothing, but my tech got me a brand new neck from Fender, which at the time they weren't selling, and Frender, after hearing my story, sold it to me at cost. This was my first ebay experience, and it took about three years before I bought anything of significant value from there. There are good sellers and bad sellers, but I agree that you really have to do your research.
  7. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    Here's my latest ebay saga . . .


    I'm afraid if we post all the good deals here, we'll increase competition and inflate the price. Good for the sellers, but not the buyers. That said, I'm very happy w/ the Vaccaro from seller #2 in the linked thread, they've got a bunch.

    >so, I should be working, but I am highly undermotivated, so I pretty much look at basses most of the day.

    :) How many others are doing the same right now? Gotta love the 'net!
  8. Deano Destructo

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    Dec 10, 2000
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    Newer model Warwick Thumb 4 N/T with ovangol neck. $900. Not bad would be excellent if it had the wenge going for it. I'd probably still buy it if I had the money and stain the sucker black. mmmmmmmm;)

    Thumb N/T ovankol
  9. lamarjones

    lamarjones Supporting Member

    Aug 27, 2002
    Raleigh, NC
    I saw one about 2 months ago where the guy had posted a BIN price of 800 for a 4 thumb NT where the preamp died. But he changed it withing 5 hours. I was comtemplating whether to put it on my credit card, when finally he did away with the BIN price. It sold for 1220.
  10. Deano Destructo

    Deano Destructo Stingray & Serek addict. Hasn't slept since 1979. Supporting Member

    Dec 10, 2000
    Southwest Texas
    Yeah $900 I don't think is a bad price for a N/T Thumb 4, even if it is one of the newer one's. Leaves alot of finacial space to customize the thing. Which if I bought it and it was a newer one I'd have to do. :bassist:

    I also found this. Not sure if it's a deal or not but it's definatly interesting if it's as old as the seller claim. If it is I'd scoop it up for sure, finaces permiting.

    70's Wal a walla ? :eek: :meh:
  11. 5stringDNA


    Oct 10, 2002
    Englewood, CO
    There's a Fender MIA Jazz 5 Deluxe in Inca Silver on there right now for $650 buy it now in mint condition. I would get it and defret it but I am short about $100 and I need a new amp.
  12. geezer316

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    Jan 26, 2003
    I have had some very good luck with e-bay,especially with basses.but when i bought Doc Martens,i got "mis-led" a few times.Lately i have seen some cherry Fenders being sold for a fair price,but its always when i'm broke:mad: .I would advice asking some questions,sometimes people dont even know what they are selling,while sometimes they know and are playing dumb:meh: .Last week a guy had a Fender Squier package for auction(bass,amp & excessories)and the opening bid was 350.00 $$ and it was used,he claimed he got it as part of a auto accident award.i asked a bunch of questions and found him to be an honest(but un-knowing)man.he lowered the price and re-listed it.While on the other hand i have found situations to be the exact opposite.so tread lightly and be careful.:D